Richard DumontHaving been born in Quebec City, I only spoke French.  I went to Laval University and noticed all the good books were in English.  It did not take long to decide to force myself to fully immersion in the language.  I decided to go McGill University and I worked toward my Bachelor of Science Agriculture.  Later, young love led me to go live in Toronto, Ontario.  There I found myself accepting a job in the tech industry working as a help desk customer service rep and tech support.  Being bilingual, I soon became part of the training team and traveled to Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Belgium, London, and France.  In 1996 my love of travel and adventure was ignited when my friend and I back packed the Yucatan peninsula.  Again in 1997 we were off to explore Honduras and Guatemala and finally in 1998 Ecuador, three weeks in the Andes and the Amazon.  We had a budget and planning was done day to day, it was a great adventure.  On my trip in Guatemala Lisa my girlfriend at the time joined us.  She was keeper, nothing stopped us.  Then life happened, Lisa and I were married in 2000 and a honeymooned in the Mediterranean exploring the Greek islands and Turkey.  This continued to feed our desire to see the world.

A year after the birth of our child, we left the busy life in Toronto to move to northern Ontario in a small village of about three thousand people called Verner.  After managing the hardware department at the local grocery store, I chose to venture into starting my own business as an Exterminator.  I continued to serve the people in my community but in a different capacity. It was not a big business, but it allowed me to venture into real estate as an investor.  I was able to buy rental properties and operate my extermination business.  But life was busy with now three children, Scott, Luke and Vivianne.  All this time Lisa was working in several different capacities in education and the kids were getting older.   Lisa was getting closer to retirement and so, we began to plan our retirement and made Central America our golden destination.

Planning meant getting information and doing our research.  In November of 2019, that research led me to an investors course with Robert Helms of the Real Estate Guys Radio Show.  During the Belize discovery trip, I met David Kafka owner of 1st Choice Belize Real Estate.  I was very enlightened and delighted with what Belize had to offer and those four days in San Pedro were fabulous.  Investing in Belize would give me the opportunity to purchase a home that I could use for an extended period.  I would also have investments in more than one country. 
March 2020 we were all in crisis mode with Covid 19.  It was time to re-evaluate everything.  I was looking for mentors to help me make better decisions about investing, goals, etc.  
In July 2020 I joined REIN (Real-Estate Investment group) of Canada.  I started working on goals for myself and my family and decisions we needed to make.  Quite a bit of soul searching went in this process and the more time I spent understanding what was important to me the more I did not like what I was seeing and experiencing in Canada.  I thought to myself: “Maybe Canada was not the right place for our family for the moment”.  So, I contacted David Kafka to see what was happening in Belize.  We talked about how Belize was doing and during the conversation, the “work” subject came up.  I asked if there was any work for a guy like me in Belize.  He immediately said come and work with me.
I was so excited by the opportunity.  As a family we decided that a big change was in order and changing my profession to real estate agent was a great step in the right direction.  David helped me create the plan.  Then we made it happen!

With the proper contacts I, incorporated a Belizean Company, sold all my properties in Canada, rented a home, got my work permit, got dependent visas for my wife and two younger kids, and I currently working on a work permit for my older son.

As of September 2021, Belize is home.

Why should I be part of making Belize a place to live and explore for you?  The people of Belize are welcoming and generous and the Expats too.  We have been blessed to meet such great people and I am sure that like me you are looking for a place that is the right fit for you.  Finally, I am confident that I can help you in this search and look forward to making your dreams a reality.

The big question you must be asking yourself: “But he has only been there since September!  How can he help me?” The thing is: it is not about me, it is about the team.  It’s about the team I am with: RE/MAX 1st choice Belize.  David has been here for 12 years and is now a citizen.  He has put together an incredible group of about seventeen agents with office assistants, tech people and more.  We have people that have been in Belize for a long time and understand it very well.  The company has helped countless people buy and sell in Belize, some transactions complex, some simple.  We can even help you use an IRA to buy in Belize, in addition we can hold escrow.
I have done what you are now considering, let US help you make your move to Belize a reality.

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