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The Great Barrier Reef of Belize by Chloeann G.

Belize is home to the second largest living barrier reef which stretches 137 miles along Belize’s shoreline. It is the most enormous and undamaged reef system in the northern hemisphere, the Belize Barrier Reef consists of 8 key marine reserve zones, 400+ cayes / islands and 3 atolls.

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With some of the best weather you could ever experience, Belize is the perfect destination to be your priority hiking destination! There's more than 30% of its territory set aside for nature reserves and national parks! If you're worried about not having your hiking standards met, don't worry! There's a trail that suits every kind of hiker. As a resident of Belize, this list that I stumbled upon even surprised me when I found a few trails I've not been on yet. Whether you're a tourist or a long time resident, we hope you find this list of hiking destinations helpful!

Where Can You Hike in Belize?

Shipstern Wildlife Nature Reserve – Measuring more than 32 square miles in size, the reserve is a mix of pristine forest, wetlands, and savanna. The reserve has several marked trails, a special botanical trail, a butterfly aviary to visit, and a natural history museum.

Rio Bravo Conservation Area – This lovely area is home to a lush tropical rainforest that is the natural habitat of more than 200 species of trees. Other denizens of the rainforest include jaguars, howler monkeys, deer, and more than 400 species of birds.

Half Moon Caye Natural Monument – In Belize, islands are known as “cayes”, and this protected natural area has hiking trail that combine spectacular views of the Caribbean and more than 90 species of birds, including species like the frigate bird and the Red-footed Booby.

Hokeb Ha Cave and Tiger Cave: This cave is a 20-minute hike from the village of Blue Creek, and is accessed by swimming into the opening through a pool of cool water. Inside, visitors find stalactites and stalagmites, leading from one chamber to the next. Archaeologists have found many Late Classic ceramics, as well as an altar inside the cave, leading them to theorize that the Hokeb Ha Cave was used specifically for ceremonial purposes. The calm water at the main entrance is perfect for a leisure swim, and the one-of-a-kind view inside makes this a must-see for any hiker.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: Southwest of Dangriga is the admired Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, consisting of 128,000 acres of extensive tropical trails, featuring the largest concentration of wild cats in the world. Known as one of the best areas in Belize for experiencing authentic jungle life, the Cockscomb Basin, situated at the base of the peaking Maya Mountains, was established in 1984 to protect its large population of wildlife that call it home.  Lucky visitors will catch a glimpse of a jaguar, while most will encounter just their paw prints, along with numerous species of medicinal plants, mammals and birds that populate more than 20 miles of trails.  Visitors to the Cockscomb Basin can also enjoy scenic views of the towering waterfalls and explore its beauty in the surrounding rivers and creeks via canoe, tube or kayak.

Five Blues Lake National Park: This 10-acre park is surrounded by more than 4,000 acres of limestone hills and tropical forests, and is home to 217 different species of birds. Forest trails crisscross the park, leading to the caves and sinkholes that dot the landscape.  The first national park to be managed by a community-based organization, here the locals have set up camping sites and small bed & breakfasts for travelers wishing to fully experience the amazing park.

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve: Known as the only true pine forest in all of Central America, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is one of Belize’s greatest hiking destinations.  Its sweeping views cover nearly 300 square miles and provide endless opportunities for adventure seekers.  The enchanting forest features remarkable changes in wildlife and landscapes, from distinctive Belizean birds and butterflies, to pristine rivers and plummeting thousand-foot waterfalls. The waterfalls, occasionally referred to as the Hidden Valley Falls, are considered to be one of the 100 best waterfalls in the world. With a total height of 1,500 feet, the brilliant falls literally must be seen to be believed.  And, the terrain within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is not only ideal for hiking, but biking and horseback riding as well.

The Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve: Covering approximately 78 square miles of clear blue water and sandy cayes along the southernmost tip of the Belize Barrier Reef, this reserve is one of the most scenic spots for hikers along Belize’s coastline.  Situated at the southern point of the reserve, Huntington Caye is known to have one of the most beautiful beaches in Belize, and offers spectacular scenery and perfect conditions required for a peaceful rest after hiking.

Mayflower Bocawina National Park: Offering a truly unique hiking destination for travelers, the Mayflower Bocawina National Park contains 7,000 acres of beautiful jungle, tranquil streams and roaring waterfalls set amongst the unexcavated Maya sites of Maintznun and T’au Witz.  This destination was declared a National Park in 2001, and is located just off the Southern Highway, close to the town of Dangriga.

Blue Hole National Park: This beautiful park offers much more than the rare Keel-Billed Toucan, Red-Legged Honey Creepers and White Hawks that make their homes here. It also houses magnificent geological wonders, such as a sinkhole formed by a collapsed underground river channel.  The steps of the Blue Hole lead into a 25-foot deep pool of cool turquoise water, surrounded by dense forest and hanging vines, making this hiking destination a splendid surprise at every turn.

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Getting to know our agents! There is a great team behind RE/MAX 1st Choice #Belize. This week's agent is Herbert!

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About Me

Loggerhead Turtle

(Caretta Caretta)

I live 50 years or more. Since I am the largest of all hard-shelled turtles, I weigh about 250 pounds, although some of us have been found to weigh over 1,000 pounds. Adult males reach about 3 feet in shell length.

I like to eat mollusks, conchs, crabs and other crustaceans, and I will even eat sargassum, seaweed, and jellyfish.

I’m the most widespread sea turtle species in the world, and the most abundant of all sea turtle species in the U.S. You can recognize me by my reddish-brown carapace (upper shell) and yellow underbelly and my strong jaws that I use to crunch through the hard shells of crustaceans and mollusks. My mouth is actually where I get my name! Some people think my massive head is as big and sturdy as a log.

We are a long-lived species and don’t reach sexual maturity until we’re 35 years old. When we’re old enough, we will mate in coastal regions about every two or three years, and then make a massive migration to lay our eggs. We make our way back to the exact beach where we were born, also known as our “natal” beach. We climb onto the beach at night to lay four clutches of over 100 eggs each, and then head back to the ocean. Our eggs are vulnerable to predators and environmental factors. For example, the sex of our offspring is actually dependent on temperature! Warmer conditions will result in mostly male hatchlings, and cooler conditions will lead to more females.

Did You Know?

I’m one of seven sea turtle species, including the leatherback, olive ridley, hawksbill, flatback, green and Kemp’s ridley.


I’m a world traveler, and make long migrations during breeding season to return to the beach where I hatched as a baby to lay my own eggs. Unfortunately, I encounter a lot of trash and other dangers on my journey. I can get caught by fishermen, particularly shrimp trawlers, as bycatch or get entangled in abandoned fishing gear. This makes it hard or even impossible for me to swim and can be fatal. Plastics are a huge problem too, especially for young turtles. For baby sea turtles, just half a gram—one one-thousandth of a pound—of ingested plastic can kill them. We can easily confuse plastic bags for one of our favorite foods, jellyfish. So, for our best chance at survival, humans need to work to keep plastics from our beaches and from entering the ocean. 

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Hokeb Ha Cave           

When you’re visiting Hokeb Ha, the hike begins with lush jungle scenery to walk through to reach the mouth of the cave which is covered with long vines. Once inside, visitors swim through a shallow pool of fresh water before reaching a huge interior space. It is believed that the deeper sections of the cave were used by ancient Maya priests to conduct sacred ceremonies. The cave lies at the top of a hill and features a gorgeous waterfall. Once inside, the naturally blue waters that gave the creek its name and the contours of the interior give Hokeb Ha a unique beauty. Hokeb Ha is located approximately 20 minutes on foot from the village of Blue Creek in the Toledo District. As a natural phenomenon, Hokeb Ha Cave can be visited year-round, but the water levels inside the cave can rise following heavy rains. It is possible to explore the cave without relying on a guide, but hiring a guide in Blue Creek Village will make the trip much safer. 

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We've noticed a trend and we wanted to share! Over the past year, we've seen more purchasers coming to Placencia than ever before and many of our buyers have chosen to purchase a second home at one special resort: Itz'ana Resort & Residences.

Itz’ana has a prime location right in the middle of our beautiful destination’s 16 mile Caribbean peninsula. It was recently featured in Forbes Travel Guide  and New York Times as one of the 13 most anticipated hotel openings in the world and one of 52 places to visit in 2017 respectively.    

Itz’ana is all about design! The 74 luxury waterfront residences and 20-room hotel are designed in collaboration with Boston based architect, Roberto de Oliveira Castro, and New York based interior designer Samuel Amoia. The resort is a luxury home base for exploring all of the adventures at nearby islands, rivers, jungle, caves, Mayan ruins, cacao farms and the world’s second largest barrier reef. And it’s loaded with amenities: The Rum Tasting Room, a private bar featuring rums from around the world; an owners-only lounge, three restaurants, reef-to-table pop-up dinners, two pools, a kids’ club, a private screening room, full service marina, yoga deck, adventure center, gym and spa and more….              

One of the most important reasons RE/MAX clients have chosen Itz'ana is that it offers the unique opportunity to purchase Belize real estate that is as financially secure as it is personally rewarding. As a part of Itz’ana Resort, your home can be rented hassle-free by Itz’ana’s expert management team, ensuring pristine maintenance while delivering strong passive income. The Residences are turn-key, ranging from 725 – 3,000 square feet with prices from $329,000 - $1,130,000. They are going to release their new penthouses to sell at the end of the summer and we can't wait!  The villas are 76% sold out and we invite you http://bit.ly/2sQjP3o to learn more.

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If you’re a new resident of Belize or have been interested in investing in Belize, chances are you’ve probably heard of Sittee River in Stann Creek. Sittee River begins in the Mayan Mountains and the river empties into the Caribbean Sea near Hopkins Village. The Sittee River is famous for the tallest mangrove trees in Belize. If you’re looking to emerge yourself in the Garifuna culture, Sittee River is definitely your place.


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Moving to Belize - The things you need to know. 

Are you ready to make the big move? Your house is on the market and you know you and your family want to move to beautiful Belize, but what’s next?

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Why do you keep seeing real estate commercials when you’re up at 11pm? Why is the Huffington Post and other major news outlets talking about Belize? Well, since Belize is starting to gain some attraction, let me tell you about what all the fuss is about. 

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The team at RE/MAX 1st Choice love exploring the beautiful country we live in. Especially when it involves chartering a yacht? Yes, please! Since our tourist season is in the winter time, prices do tend to go up. If you’re starting to plan for a summer vacation for 2017, keep reading to find out how you can charter a yacht for way cheaper in the summer months. 

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We all love our furry friends. They’re apart of our family! So why shouldn’t they enjoy our family vacation with us? Thank’s to tacogirl.com we now have a list of the pet friendly hotels in Belize - country wide! Because we are Placencia based, below is a list of Placencia hotels that are pet friendly. If you’d like to see the list country wide of pet free hotels, click the link at the bottom of the page! 

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WestJet started flying directly to Belize on October 29th, so get your bank accounts ready!

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Every weekend comes around and every weekend the same question comes up.  I’m sure this is a universal question and you would think that as we get older we would have it all figured out, but no, I certainly don’t.  My husband and I ask ourselves all the time what we are going to do – it’s the weekend. 

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Are you thinking about where to go for your next vacation? You’re making your check-list of what you’d love to see and that list includes white sandy beaches with blue waters, rich history and culture, budget friendly, safe, and not too touristy. Now, everywhere you’re probably thinking of speaks another language. And that may be a problem, considering you may or may not have failed that spanish exam in high school. Can it get much better than getting everything checked off that list AND has english as their official language? No, it probably can’t. 

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If you have been debating whether or not to buy Belize real estate, you may want to consider doing it sooner rather than later. There is so much to see and do in Belize. You can enjoy river rafting, exploring Mayan ruins, taking in breathtaking waterfalls and marveling at the world’s second largest Barrier Reef. You can do it as a full-time resident and not just a visitor because the property prices there are incredible.

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We call her Funny Face and that’s because we couldn’t ever understand what we were being told when we asked her name.  This is the story of how we acquired Funny Face.

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Hopkins is known for being the center of the Garifuna culture. Hopkins is on the caribbean coast in the southern part of Belize in the Stann Creek district. When you go to Hopkins, you’ll meet some of the friendliest people. If you’re visiting, the locals will more than likely strike up a conversation with you. The atmosphere matches the rest of Belize, being easygoing and laid back. If you want to find Hopkins from Belize City, you’ll take the Western Highway towards Belmopan for about 52 miles before heading south east on the Hummingbird Highway. Then you’ll turn south onto the Southern Highway for about 10 miles to the brand new paved Hopkins Road. You’ll be taking the breathtaking scenic route. You can get there easily by bus or by way of your car and/or rental car. If you can’t wait to get to Hopkins, you can always fly to Dangriga with Maya Island Air or Tropic Air then get a taxi to Hopkins.

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