There are no restrictions on foreign ownership so you are granted the same ownership as native-born Belizeans.

We will guide you through the title process. Our team here in Placencia swiftly and efficiently navigates the legal pathways from contracts to title transfer to your full 100% ownership of your new property.

Eco-Tourism is booming here!

The legal system here is based on British Common Law (just like Canada and the United States) so if you are familiar with that foundation, you will find an ease of navigation here.

Property rights are respected!

Corporations here are Limited Liability Companies. These can be created by anybody, even non-residents. Starting a business in Belize is just a matter of good sense planning, registering the company name and then acquiring a license (which can be done in-person in Belmopan or by phone or by fax for a small fee).

Once you are approved, you are allowed 100% ownership of the business. You can have your dream company ready to go in just a little over a month!

Types of Business desired in Belize:

  • Eco-tourism
  • Import/Export
  • Service businesses
  • Many more

For more information on the advantages of doing business in Belize, search for these incentives:

  • Fiscal Incentives Act (duty exemptions, tax holidays)
  • Mines and Minerals Act
  • Export Processing Zones (areas exempt from import and export duty)
  • Commercial Free Zones (exemptions relating to certain businesses such as manufacturing and distribution)
  • International Business & Public Investment (offshore companies)

Laws for Private Investment

Belize offers many government taxation incentives for foreign investment. This is the country of opportunities! If your business is beneficial to Belize and its economy, you may qualify for tax relief for up to 20 years.

Once your business is incorporated in Belize, you are granted 100% ownership.

A few great reasons to invest here:

  • English is widely spoken
  • Fixed exchange rate of BZ$2 = US$1
  • Tax Incentives
  • Booming opportunities for development (residential and/or for business)
  • Stable economy and political climate

Belize wants your investment particularly if your business will:

  • Employ local citizens
  • Strengthen the local economy
  • Honor the environment with eco-architecture or eco-tourism
  • Upgrade worker skills in the local market
  • Connect Belize with foreign markets
  • Introduce new technology to the area

For additional information on Foreign Investment incentives, plug these recent laws into your favorite search engine:

  • Fiscal Incentives Act No. 6 of 1990
  • Mines and Minerals Act 1988
  • Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Act 1990
  • Commercial Free Zone (CFZ) Act 1994
  • International Business & Public Investment (IBC) Act 1990

Taking Title to Property

English is the official language of Belize so all contracts and permits are in English.

The legal system is here is based on British Common Law. There are three types of property registrations in Belize: Deed of Conveyance, Transfer Certificate of Title and Land Certificate.

A Deed of Conveyance is a valid, legal title after verifying that the seller’s title is good. We acquire access to the title in the capital city of Belmopan to determine if there are any encumbrances. This grants the legal right to own a specific property. It includes a description of the property.

A Transfer Certificate of Title is a secure, physical title. This process will take longer than a Deed of Conveyance.

A Land Certificate is issued by the Belize Lands Department for registered freehold or leasehold land. Not all land has been registered at this time.

Stamp Duty is 8% of the purchase price for purchases over $10,000 USD. 

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