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Sittee River Orchard Estates Development
    "The Orchard" in Sittee River Orchard Estates
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    Retirement Ready Home in Sittee River Orchard Estates
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    2BR Beachfront Condo at Umaya Resort
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    A Jungle Lodge in The Making On Swasey River
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    Boutique Resort in the Heart of Silk Grass Village
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    Los Mangoes Hopkins Your Paradise Awaits
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    Waterfront Lot in Placencia Island Community
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    About David Kafka

    A very warm welcome to you from sunny Belize! My name is David Kafka and I was a Firefighter and engineer for the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Fire Department. I enjoyed that for 12 years, then moved on to establish my landscape company in Charleston, South Carolina for 15 years. My wife, daughter and I came to Belize in February of 2006 looking for investment and vacation opportunities.  We absolutely fell in LOVE with the country, the people, the culture, and way of life.  Once I came to Belize I knew I had to move here.  My family and I have been living in Placencia Village since February 2009 and have never looked back. I volunteer with the Placencia Volunteer Fire Department and I am on the Placencia Humane Society board and The Fire Committee Board.

    I specialize in real estate in Placencia, San Pedro and other coastal areas of Belize as well as other areas.... read more

    Our Team

    If you are looking for real estate in Belize, we are here to help! Our Team live, invest and work here in Placencia Village on the Placencia Peninsula, Hopkins Village and we have agents throughout the whole country of Belize.

    Out team is the largest real estate firm in Belize with over 13 agents that have all legally work here, invest here and have a vast area of expertist. We focus on educating our clients so you, the buyer can be very informed of the whole process of buying, living here full or part time, and any other questions you have. We have partners in construction, real estate, legal, etc to help you colapse time frames. If you are a Seller, we will educate you on the market and actual sales to price your property RIGHT. 

    The market here is booming! Belize is the new star of the Caribbean and Central America with its lush land, scenic views, and incredible biodiversity! There is endless exploration in Placencia with new properties just steps away from the Caribbean Sea! 

    Self-Directed IRA

    RE/MAX 1st Choice has partnered with NuView IRA enabling our clients to purchase real estate as an investment inside their retirement account without incurring penalties or taxes - before their retirement age.

    The ever increasing amount of tourist arrival in Belize has greatly increased the demand for rental properties, as currently only a few new rental properties came on the market during the past four years. Find out more...

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    Info at a Glance

    Belize Facts
    It’s a great time to move to paradise! 386 km of Caribbean coastline (about 240 miles) Belize is
    Foreign Ownership
    There are no restrictions on foreign ownership so you are granted the same ownership as native-born Belizeans.
    Foreign Ownership (Business)
    Starting a business in Belize Eco-Tourism is booming here! The legal system here is based on British Common
    History of Belize
    The history of Belize is an incredibly rich narrative filled with diverse cultures and people. Belize boasts
    Laws for Private Investment
    Belize offers many government taxation incentives for foreign investment. This is the country of
    Self-Directed IRA
    RE/MAX 1st Choice has partnered with NuView IRA enabling our clients to purchase real estate as an investment
    Why REMAX?
    Why RE/MAX? Not only do we offer Belize-Wide coverage and services, but our specialty areas are Hopkins,
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