Belize is Open for Travel and Easy to Visit in 2021

Posted by David Kafka on 05/05/2021 02:48 PM

Since my last newsletter, I have been to the U.S. twice, and the overall travel was easy to and from. After enjoying a great weekend with other Syndicators at The Real Estate Guys™ Inner Circle Mastermind, I have just returned from Dallas, TX.

I enjoyed a direct flight to Dallas from Belize. It’s great that I can have lunch in Belize and then dinner in Dallas on the same day. I normally like going through Houston to get my Whataburger, but the last 2 trips were direct.

The day before my departure, I had a COVID test, and only the airlines requested it. Upon arrival in Belize, I took another COVID test at the airport.

You know you often travel when the Customs Officer doesn’t ask for your passport anymore and can call you by name. That’s what happened this trip. It just shows that traveling to Belize is pretty easy.

So, visit, we are open, and we expect May to be busy with more tourists. It is so great seeing people come and enjoy Beautiful Belize.

Here’s a mini update on how things are in Belize ...

  1. Belize has started vaccinating its citizens with anyone over 40 is eligible, including military and front-line workers.

  2. The Curfew is still in place at 10 pm except Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

  3. Visitors are still required to stay in a Gold Standard Hotel and download the Belize Health App.

  4. No COVID test is needed if you have been vaccinated. But if not, then you still need a negative COVID test (96-hour PCR test or a 72-hour rapid test).