End The Stigma

Posted by David Kafka on 05/23/2018 03:52 PM


The month of May is dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health and wellbeing. Our hope is to help our community by making it easier for individuals who are suffering in silence to have a safe space to speak out. We’re hoping to end the stigma about mental health. 

Wearing the green ribbon brings awareness about all who care but also, who gets it. It represents individuals that are open, accepting of others, who understand, and those who do not judge others. The annual Green Ribbon Campaign takes place every May, and aims to get the conversation stated. This campaign promotes open conversation about mental health and it challenges the associated stigma that sometimes comes with it.


More than 500,000 free green ribbons are distributed every year to spark a national conversation about mental health and to help fight the stigma. Wearing a green ribbon during May just might encourage others to reach out, feel less alone and to seek support. Everyone needs support, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.


Research has shown that the stigma associated with mental health sometimes has the effect for people to keep their problems hidden, and make them reluctant to ask for help. As a result in keeping it all in, important relationships can become damaged, we can become isolated and day-to-day life can become harder and harder. Being open and honest about our mental health is important. The first steps are to find the right person to talk with and the most comfortable way to do it. Help start a conversation, and help end the stigma. 



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