Famous Mayan Ruins in Belize

Posted by David Kafka on 07/30/2019 08:22 AM

Famous Maya Ruins In Belize.

Belize awaits you, a little taste of adventure whether it maybe fishing on the reef or climbing up a Maya ruin; this could be a holiday escape from the cold or just a long overdue vacation. You will get to experience diverse culture, food, history, dance and much more. This is what makes Belize so unique to be Belize!

Sometime around the 1800’s or even before this history was documented shrouded in mystery, Maya civilization was developed. Historians and archaeologists have always been fascinated by what is now believed to be just the remains of once great civilizations built by people who are today classified as ancient Mayas. These skilled hunters and craftsmen settled in various parts of the Americas including: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Western Honduras.

This crowned jewel what we call Belize today was once home to the great ancient Mayas. Its tropical jungles, Maya mountains, turquoise seas, chains of island and cayes, at one time occupied by these ancient men, developing their own form of trade, writing, currency, calendar and architecture, deemed the ancient Maya civilization to be among the most advanced and complex during the time they reigned dominant. Today Belize has the largest number of discovered Maya ruins among all other hosting countries in Central America. Some of the most famous sites are: Caracol, Xunantunich, Al-tun Ha, La Milpa and Lamanai each are unique onto itself. These ruins host a vast number of visitors each year.

Brief history of the famous Caracol meaning "The Snail" in Spanish is considered to be the largest Maya ruin in Belize. Caracol was discovered sometime around 1937 in the foot hills of the Maya mountain by a Mahogany logger name Rosa Mai. This magnificent Maya ruin is situated about two hours’ drive on a dirt road through the Chiquibul Rain-forest from San Ignacio in the Cayo District. One of the biggest attractions of this site is the largest pyramid called Ca'ana meaning (Sky Palace) rising about 140 feet tall considered to be the tallest Maya structure in Belize. Its composed of stone monuments, stelaes, altars used for ceremonial worships, tombs and ballcourts. Caracol is one- of -a - kind attraction all year round. This is a must visit destination, to get a wonderful experience to take back and share with families and friends.

Another magnificent site to explore, is Xunantunich Maya Ruin, in maya spoken language translates as (Maiden Of Rock) it is the second tallest structure and is one of the most accessible popular ruin that captures visitors attention every day. Its rising height standing more than 130 feet tall, known as the El Castillo (The Castle) overlooking the Mopan River and Guatemala. This spectacular structure is composed of plazas, temples and palaces where once held ceremonial services during the classic period of the Mayas. It is located a short drive outside of San Ignacio if you close by in that area. You will get on a ferry crossing the Mopan River just a few minutes up a limestone ridge to get to the main site either you are driving or walking.

If you are a nature lover; take a trip up Lamanai it offers a wildlife nature experience with numerous species of birds that live along the waterways and if you are lucky enough; you get to see iguanas and crocodiles on the river banks. Lamanai is one of Belize's most spectacular archaeological sites with its structural images of temples, commercial buildings, ball court and the largest ceremonial centers, which was once a major city of the Maya civilization. Lamanai meaning (Submerge Crocodile) is located about 28 miles on dirt road or a few mins boat ride on the New River Lagoon. Welcome to the ancient word of Lamanai you will return your day’s tour with lots of fun, laughter and memories.

I hope my story convinced you to choose your next adventure in Belize. I guarantee you will have a once in a lifetime experience choosing Belize as your next dream destination spot. This country is a popular vacation destination for a getaway and for you and your family to enjoy some relaxing time. Don’t be afraid to do something you never thought you would! Belize has so much wonderful things to show you and many amazing places to explore. Let this be a life time experience to remember!

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