Women and Financial Independence 2

Posted by on 04/23/2020 03:00 PM

Women and Financial Independence 2

Hey all my lady friends who follow this page - I recently made a post about Kim Kiyosaki's book "Rich Woman".  I have finished the book, studying chapter by chapter, day by day and so much of what is written in the book resonates deeply within me.

Women depend on men for financial stability, and financial information. And while it is true that men generally earn more than women it isn't true that men are any more knowledgeable in the financial field.  And their greater earning power certainly can open more opportunities than for women, generally speaking.

However if an individual knows more than you do about investments it's because he or she has made a special attempt to learn about it.  There is nothing inherent, it's not built into the male gene but our socialized conditioning leads us to deep down believe that men are better at it than we are.

They aren't.

I'm not trying to ostracize men.  That isn't my intention here.  My intention is to help women realize that men aren't born with a money-handling gene that makes them more qualified to handle the money.

But you can become better yourself.  How?

Start by taking a good hard look at your circumstances, at your financial situation.  Do you know where your money comes from?  Do you know where it goes?  Do you have any financial safety nets in place, independent of your significant other?

Yes, this is a real estate page and ONE of the best ways for somebody to become financially independent is through real estate with what is known as passive income.  But for this to become part of your reality you have to know where your finances currently sit.

Women, we often make decisions based on our financial security, or our lack of financial security.  We get married in the hopes that our husbands can support us.  We take or stay in jobs because we have families we need to support.  We stay in bad or destructive marriages because we are afraid to go out on our own. 

But, and this one is a biggie:  If we are financially aware these decisions aren't so difficult to make. 

Start today, take a look at your situation.  I don't want you to start something that is detrimental to your personal circumstances.  That isn't the point of this post.  I'm not a marriage councillor or a pastor telling you how to handle your relationship.  I'm not a professional money-handler or financial advisor. 

But I am a woman who used to think that men were automatically better than women and I made some decisions in my life based on those false beliefs.  I just want women everywhere to open our eyes to possibilities that exist that we are not capturing or enjoying.  And this means being exposed to information.

Stay tuned.

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