Mangroves in Belize


It’s no secret that animals hold a special place in my heart. Along with that is protecting their habitat and ours. Although we are a real estate company and support new development, protecting the environment and the ecosystem is always at the forefront of any project we participate in.

One of my favorite plants, and a very crucial one to Belize, is the mangrove. image

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Buying Real Estate in Belize


With our exclusive relationship with and other websites, we receive a large number of leads every day. Many leads are the same person messaging four or five different realtors in the same area. In North America, we use one agent, and they show you all the properties you want.

Belize is no different.

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Belize Jungle: Reviews of Calico Jack’s and Sleeping Giant


Last week was a bit stressful.

I wanted to get away and lock myself up in a room to catch up on work.
What did I do?
I went to Cayo and stayed in Calico Jack’s Village. Then I visited Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge for a few days.

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Belize is Open for Travel and Easy to Visit in 2021


Since my last newsletter, I have been to the U.S. twice, and the overall travel was easy to and from. After enjoying a great weekend with other Syndicators at The Real Estate Guys™ Inner Circle Mastermind, I have just returned from Dallas, TX.

I enjoyed a direct flight to Dallas from Belize. It’s great that I can have lunch in Belize and then dinner in Dallas on the same day. I normally like going through Houston to get my Whataburger, but the last 2 trips were direct.

The day before my departure, I had a COVID test, and only the airlines requested it. Upon arrival in Belize, I took another COVID test at the airport.

You know you often travel when the Customs Officer doesn’t ask for your passport anymore and can call you by name. That’s what happened this trip. It just shows that traveling to Belize is pretty easy.

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Plan B; Why Not Live Outside of Your Home Country?


Have you heard of Simon Black from Sovereign Man or Robert Kiyosaki who talks about the pension crisis in his latest book Who Stole My Pension?: How You Can Stop the Looting? They talk about the vast amount of debt the United States and other countries have. Simon Black talks about having a Plan B and with COVID-19 it seems even more of a reason to have that Plan B.

In 2019, the United States had a total debt of over $21.6 TRILLION USD. At the start of 2020, it was $22,622,684,674,364.43, that is OVER $1 Trillion in debt in 12 months. With COVID-19 an extra $2.2 trillion stimulus package the federal government passed at the end of March. More funding for federal programs is expected to move through Congress. Who will pay for this? Who will get bailed out?

As if Trillion of dollars of debt isn’t enough to worry about, there’s the pension fraud going on. Again, who will pay for that? Unfortunately, it will be our children, their children, and the generations after.

So, what is Plan B, and is it an option? Plan B is about having the option of dual citizenship, a second passport issued by a government to certify the holder’s identity and citizenship within that country. Aside from dual citizenship, a second passport provides more options and freedom in business, studies, investments, and living. It also gives you a wider range of traveling to countries without a visa.

Here are some benefits of having secondary citizenship and passport:

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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Belize


It was a fantastic week in Placencia, talking and catching up with past and potential clients. I have been traveling to the United States to speak with others about investing in Belize, plus meetings in San Pedro for other real estate opportunities countrywide. Our real estate offices are busy helping sellers and buyers, and it’s been great seeing all the activity.

In all of the hustle and bustle, I forgot to stop and enjoy the beautiful country I live in!

Everyone always asks: what can I do in Belize?

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Tropical Greetings and COVID Belize Updates


Tropical Greetings from Belize!

A lot of exciting stuff has been going on in Belize lately, so I wanted to give a brief update on what’s going on in paradise.

Let’s get the COVID numbers out of the way... Belize is still doing an excellent job at keeping numbers low. At the time I wrote this newsletter, we have ONLY 52 active cases in the whole country. There are NO patients in the Belize COVID unit.